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Lead Generation w/ Video Ads on Social Media

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What Our Clients Say


Carolyn and Josh Thomas, Homesteading Family

We are thankful to have Jordan at Big Sky Media in our production team. They have made our video and photo content production for YouTube, social media and sales seamless and efficient, not to mention fun to have around!

Video Ads

Video ads are more effective for several reasons:

  1. Visual Impact: Video ads have the advantage of combining visual and auditory elements.

  2. Storytelling Potential: Video ads allow for storytelling in a way that other formats cannot. 

  3. Increased Retention: Videos have been shown to have higher information retention rates compared to text-based or image-based content. 

  4. Emotional Appeal: By leveraging music, visuals, and storytelling techniques, video ads can evoke joy, excitement, empathy, or nostalgia..

Youtube Ads

YouTube ads work by leveraging the platform's extensive reach and targeting capabilities to display video advertisements before, during, or after YouTube content. YouTube ads combine visual storytelling, engagement, and audience targeting to capture viewers' attention, deliver brand messages, and drive desired actions, making them a powerful tool for businesses to reach and connect with their target audience on a popular video-sharing platform.

Quality Content

Quality content is crucial because it establishes credibility, engages audiences, and drives results. Well-crafted content that is informative, valuable, and relevant captures the attention of users, builds trust, and positions a brand as an authority in its industry. Moreover, quality content fosters audience loyalty, encourages repeat visits, and drives conversions. By prioritizing quality, businesses can effectively connect with their target audience, create meaningful relationships, and achieve long-term success.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are effective because they reach a massive user base, offer precise targeting options, and provide in-depth analytics to track performance. With the ability to reach the right people at the right time, Facebook ads enable businesses to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, and boost conversions, making them a highly effective advertising solution.

Google Ads

Google Ads works by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords relevant to their business and create text, image, or video ads. Google Ads are effective because it reaches users actively searching for specific products or services, offers precise targeting options, provides measurable results, and enables businesses to control their ad spend. By appearing at the right moment with relevant ads, businesses can drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and achieve their advertising goals efficiently.

Consistent posting

Posting consistently is important to build followers and subscribers because it establishes a sense of reliability and expectation among your audience. Consistent posting also signals to algorithms on social media platforms and search engines that your content is active and relevant, potentially boosting your visibility and reach. Ultimately, consistency builds trust, fosters audience growth, and maintains a strong connection with your followers and subscribers.

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